The story of Team LDN goes back to the summer of 2013, when Ian ‘Watto’ Watson co-founded CC London – a cycling club designed to be inclusive & welcoming to cyclists of all types, ages, genders and levels of experience.

However, inclusive doesn’t mean ‘non-competitive’, and bike racing in all of its forms formed the core of the club from the beginning.

Over the years that passed, the success of CC London became evident. Not only through the growth in membership, the praise of fellow cyclists, or the popularity of the events it organised, but also through the sheer number of riders who were encouraged to try bike racing for the first time; in time trials, in cyclocross, on the track, and in road & crit races.


With that participation came racing success. Riders who just a few years prior had never even considered lining up on the start line of a bike race were now winning races and obtaining their 3rd cat licenses, their 2nd cat licenses, even their 1st cat licenses. They earned medals in regional championships. A handful of riders naturally progressed from the CC London club setup and moved onto teams, riding in national championships and the national road series. A number of other riders were clearly just a season away from doing the same.

This success of CC London brought with it two things:

Firstly, a change in structure in the club whereby a committee was formed and Ian was relieved of a large burden of organisation!

Secondly, a greater appreciation & understanding of the racing landscape in the UK and the benefits, and indeed drawbacks, of many regional & national team setups.

With a lot more spare time now on their hands, both Ian and his friend & clubmate Drew Morris spotted an opportunity. And so, over a few beers in the spring of 2018, and with CC London left in the capable hands of the new committee, Team LDN was born.


Whilst the formation of Team LDN is steeped in the history of CC London and has many obvious and continuing links to the club, Team LDN has been established as an entirely separate entity.

The aim is to work with numerous cycling clubs across London; to provide a setup which nurtures talented riders, enabling them to maximise their potential and to progress to bigger and better things; to combine all of the best elements of a cycling club and a cycling team – a London team for London talent!

2019 will be the start of this exciting journey, for riders and staff alike…