Founded in 2018 by Ian Watson & Drew Morris, Team LDN was setup to support and enable talented London-based cyclists to race at a national and international level, at some of the largest and most important races the UK has to offer.

For the 2021 season, Team LDN has partnered with Brother UK as title sponsor, becoming Team Brother UK – LDN, and with their help and support the team hopes to ride towards even more success.

Team Brother UK – LDN has a total of 22 riders – 10 Women & 12 Men, all racing at 2nd Category level or above.

Equality has been at the heart of the team since its inception, with equal focus & resources provided to both Women & Men, resulting in Team Brother UK – LDN being one of the only top-level teams in the UK to have equal Women’s & Men’s squads.

Team Brother UK – LDN has close ties to the local cycling community. We pride ourselves on our work in organising & promoting events, working closely with cycling clubs, running training sessions for novice riders and acting as role models for aspiring riders.



Ben Thompson

James Street

Jamie Wimborne

Jody Paxman

Jon Gales

Jonas Rooze

Martin Smith

Michael Krukov

Tim Allen

Tom Wiley




Amy Marks

Danni Watkinson

Fran Cutts

Harriet Dodd

Heather Mayer

Ione Johnson

Jenni Millmore

Kerry Middleton

Lauren Higham

Lucy Lee

Molly Patch

Ruth Shier

Sammie Stuart

Sian Bottteley